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Energy Sector

Feasibility to functionality

The design and construction of an energy project requires a multidisciplinary approach, combining engineering expertise, strict regulatory compliance and efficient project management.

Energy centres, power plants and ancillary facilities need project, stakeholder and communication experience to ensure the smooth transition from planning, to design, construction or refurbishment.

Man selecting components

Engineering expertise

The design process involves creating detailed plans for power generation and heat recovery systems, transmission and distribution networks, control systems, fuel storage facilities, emissions control equipment, and other auxiliary systems.

As well as fully complying with regional, national and international regulation, the selection and installation of everything from specialist electrics to infrastructure equipment – from turbines, generators, boilers, transformers, cooling towers and control systems – comes from reputable partner manufacturers, and installed with skilled contractors to adhere to industry standards for safety and performance.

Safe and sustainable project management

Energy centre or facility projects involve coordinating multiple specialist contractors, suppliers, and engineers to efficiently execute the design plans.

Comprehensive, coordinated project management ensures that pre-, during- and post-construction activities progress according to schedule, budget, and quality standards. Safety protocols, risk management and quality control measures are implemented throughout the various project phases.

Operational considerations, including maintenance and operational needs, range from fire suppression systems to reliable back-up generators, and have to dovetail with suitably incorporated sustainable practices, such as energy-efficient technologies, advanced pollution control measures and mitigation of environmental concerns from the pre-planning stage onwards.

Built around you

As an end-to-end, turnkey energy contractor, with in-depth knowledge of engineering, technical infrastructure, project management and the energy sector, we get the issues and challenges in creating a modern energy facility.

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