Defence Sector


The UK is at the forefront of modern defence technology and requires modern, secure, information-sensitive and innovative environments to continue to do the advanced, specialist work you are developing.

The value of the defence sector to the UK is undisputed, with the $4.6bn value of exports, supporting c.130,000 highly-skilled people in the wider UK supply chain, and employing more than 5,000 apprentices.

We are proud to be working with some of the largest, most impactful companies in the UK and abroad to deliver high-quality, bespoke, refurbishments, installations and new-build sites to grow this sector.

Security and specialisms

Meticulous planning. Crucial business-critical security. High-level, time-sensitive projects.

New architectural plans or redesigns take into account specific requirements including secure areas, controlled access zones, and specialised infrastructure for your needs. The construction process follows stringent security protocols to safeguard classified information and technologies.

State-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technology need to work hand-in-hand with an environment designed to support advanced research and experimentation – including specialised systems to ensure optimal research conditions.

Construction with complex compliance

We never design or build the same thing twice.

Bespoke requirements, compliance with stringent security protocols, adherence to specialised design requirements, and integration of advanced technologies mean we work with you and your team to get the right outcomes for your organisational needs.

Built around you

The structures and facilities we build or redesign, will provide the right space for your scientists, engineers, and researchers to develop and optimise new systems, procedures, and test materials in a fully secure and compliant environment.

Whatever your need, however complex the situation, get in touch to discuss.

We have the expertise and experience to find a solution.

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