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Data Sector

Data diversity

Systems, structures, facilities and processes need to be efficiently designed and built to not only cope with the demands of today, but future-proofed to scale up when ready.

We are an experienced end-to-end data project vendor, collaborating with expert suppliers in their fields to design, manage, construct and deliver on-time and in-budget, including bespoke technical elements or functionality.

Whether working on a new, state-of-the-art enterprise data centre, upgrading a managed services, or cloud-based facility, or redesigning a hyperscale or edge data centre we have unique and unparalleled expertise.

Integral infrastructure & innovation

The design and installation of electrical systems capable of providing uninterrupted power supply to critical equipment is paramount. Our construction teams work on installing backup generators, transformers, switchgear, and power distribution units, as well as implementing redundant power paths for enhanced reliability.

Similarly critical are effective and reliable switch rooms, and cooling and HVAC systems to maintain optimal operating temperatures. Incorporating suitable fire suppression systems, smoke detection and emergency response mechanisms, appropriate air handlers, ductwork and precision cooling units, as well as designing hot and cold aisle containment systems are all integral to maximise efficiency.

We incorporate sector-leading innovations such as diabatic cooling systems, delivering industry-leading PUE ratings to set new standards in data centre efficiencies, where possible.

Data solutions

By partnering with and project managing experienced suppliers and experts in their field, we can reduce timescales, enhance optimisation and minimise disruption to ongoing live work by strategically planning concurrent processes.

Mitigating slow down periods around deliveries or infrastructure installs, and building around live work to ensure consistent data outputs, are key to delivering for you and your stakeholders.

Built around you

As a specialist turnkey contractor, with experience of, and responsibility for, building multi-million pound data facilities across the UK, we live and breathe the challenges, opportunities and detail of compliance around data projects.

If you would like to talk to one of our project directors about your plans, get in touch to discuss.

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