Sweet Projects sponsoring Team GB Olympic sailing pair

Date: July 8, 2024

British sailors Vita Heathcote and Chris Grube, described as the perfect blend of youth and experience, are heading to the Olympics with support from Sweet Projects.

Chris Grube, 39, came out of retirement to join forces with Vita Heathcote, 22, only last year.

Two competitions and a World silver later, and the pair have been selected to compete for Team GB in the 470 mixed class at this summer’s Paris Olympic Games.

Vita and Chris are a very real medal hope – they came 2nd in the recent 470 mixed Worlds – and this sponsorship enables the pair to optimise their training and maximise their time on the water.

“We’re very proud to be sponsoring the Team GB mixed sailors for this Olympic campaign,” says Manley Hopkinson, head of People and Performance at Sweet Projects. “We recognise the hard work, determination and teamwork required to compete at this level – behaviours that we need in our industry too.”

“This money allows them to focus on the training,” continues Manley. “With sailing, every bit of water is different; different winds, different waves, different currents. Time spent on the particular piece of water you will eventually race upon is critical, so to be able to practice and practice in Marseille will put them in the best possible place to race there.”

“They can only realise their potential with 100% focus, not just on the day, but during their preparation too.”

A message from Vita and Chris

“We’re out in Marseille at the moment at a training camp. Thank you for everyone at Sweet Projects for all your help. Its been amazing to get us through the last stint to the Olympic Games,” Chris says in the video message to the Sweet Projects team.

“Our preparations are going well, and have been underway for a couple of months here in Marseille. We now have one more training camp until the big event itself,” adds Vita.
“All your help has been amazing at getting us the best equipment and the most time on the water – thank you.”

Look out for Vita and Chris in the Olympic Games, starting at the end of July and held in Paris. To read more about them, visit their Olympic Team GB page.