Sweet Projects joins Business in the Community

Date: August 14, 2023

Sweet Projects has partnered with Business in the Community – a leading charity promoting responsible business and commitment to improving organisational impact on society.

In addition to best practice examples, training and coaching, and embedding staff wellbeing, Business in the Community (BITC) will help Sweet Projects develop its community and environmental goals , as well as tracking, monitoring and improving positive impact with colleagues, communities and clients.

“Our primary focus is to ensure our responsible business and sustainability credentials are monitored and evaluated by an independent body with significant experience,” says Chris Nichols, Sweet Projects’ Business Strategy Director.

“BITC is the right partner to support us in this, ensuring a measured approach in tracking our performance and improvements – It is not enough for us to talk about what we are doing; we have to prove it.”

Business in the Community is the largest and longest-established membership organisation dedicated to responsible business. Formed in 1982, with His Majesty King Charles III as Royal Founding Patron, BITC now works with more than 600 members around the world, in positively shaping modern business impact on the environment, in the workplace and in the community, bringing corporate social responsibility to life.

BITC has four main focuses for the businesses it partners with:

  • Developing and implementing responsible business strategies;
  • Investing in workforces and communities to enable greater social mobility;
  • Accelerating a just transition to net zero and climate resilience; and
  • Addressing the urgent challenges facing society in times of crisis, such as the cost of living.

“Sweet Projects is a fast-growing, successful British business, with an significant increase in staff over a short timescale,” continues Chris Nichols.

“We’re working with BITC to provide expertise, support and accountability – we take responsible and sustainable business seriously, so we have chosen the right external partner to keep us on track.”

From September, Sweet Projects will take part in a six-month Responsible Business Training course, with selected BITC ‘champions’ and senior management leading internal engagement with teams across the country, in association with the Responsible Business tracker. 

Looking ahead to 2024, the strategy is to ensure the culture of supportive personal development is tracked and monitored, while additionally considering wider stakeholder engagement, community collaboration, value chain recognition, governance, and transparency of all operations.

“We look forward to working with the experienced BITC team in achieving a high-level of consistency in looking after colleagues, and in accurately and transparently measuring our sustainable and responsible business performance against a mature, industry-accredited recognition system,” adds Chris.