Steven Kirby: inspiring positive change in the way people think about safety and mental health

Date: October 17, 2023

Last week, we welcomed Steven Kirby to our Longcross project to talk to the team regarding his own experiences, the second visit by Steven Kirby to Sweet Projects.

Steven was involved in an accident at work and visits construction sites around the UK sharing his story and experience, all with an aim to help prevent such accidents.

Ian Dovey, our Health, Safety, Quality & Environmental Director, says: “The health and safety of every member of our team is critical. Sweet Projects, our Alliance Partners and supply chain must work together to do all we can to ensure that every worker goes home unharmed each and every day.

“We need to break down some of the barriers that exist with the workforce to build a culture where everyone on site feels empowered to report any issues, or concerns, even approaching other contractors directly. We are one large team and it doesn’t matter who we work for, our input and engagement can make a difference.

“It’s been great to have Steven come in to see us again and share his story. The individual and collective choices of the team are so important where health and safety is concerned and sessions such as today are incredibly thought provoking.”

Our four key choices at Sweet Projects are:

  • Respect our way of working
  • Consider the consequence of your actions
  • Look out for each other
  • Speak Up

Steven said: “Two great sessions today back working with Sweet Projects this time at the Longcross site. A big thank you to Ian and his team for giving me the opportunity to use my story to inspire positive change in the way people think about safety and mental health. Some great feedback. Really looking forward to the next sessions.”