Our very own Bristol Unicorn, for Leukaemia Care

Date: June 7, 2023

Bristol is our heartland, and where Sweet Projects first began, so we couldn’t resist supporting The Unicornfest with our very own decorated unicorn called Leila – all to raise important funds for Leukaemia Care.

Leila is one of 60 two-metre high unicorn statues appearing across Bristol this summer, and is situated in one of the most scenic spots in Bristol – the Clifton Observatory, overlooking the famous suspension bridge.

As part of partnering with The Unicornfest, we have donated £28,800 to Leukaemia Care, which is the UK’s leading leukaemia charity. For more than 50 years, they have been dedicated to ensuring that everyone affected receives the best possible diagnosis, information, advice, treatment and support.

Leila is one of the 60 unicorns that are appearing between July and September as part of Unicornfest’s trail across the city, for family, children and all residents to discover. As well as the trail, there will be unicorn painting workshops, a Farewell Festival in late September and an auction event in October to own one of the beasts. 

Leila has been beautifully decorated by very talented street artists Alex Lucas and Paul Fearnside (also known as Lucas Antics) whose quirky, humorous murals and designs can be seen adorning walls and buildings around the UK and beyond.

As well as the dozens of brightly coloured ‘adult’ unicorns, there are also 40 smaller foals dotted around Bristol, decorated by schools, colleges and community groups.

We have also sponsored a small foal, which was donated to Filton Avenue Primary School, and donated a popcorn-decorated unicorn to Team Canteen in Bristol, a charity that supports local food charities and projects already working in the city, bridging the gap between hospitality businesses and these organisations to increase access to healthy food.

Do let us know if you see Leila out in the wild this summer – tag Sweet Projects in your photos online. You can find out more about the great work that The Bristol Unicorn Fest is doing here: https://theunicornfest.co.uk/ 

To make a donation to support the 10,000 people diagnosed with leukaemia each year follow this link