Our philosophy: Built Around You

Date: October 13, 2023

At the heart of Sweet Projects is our approach of Built Around You. It’s something we apply to every project, process and person we work with.

Built Around You is the ‘how’ – the manner, means and methods of our business. How we conduct ourselves, how we operate, how we deliver.

So, what does Built Around You mean in real terms for you and your project?

Built Around Specialist Industries

Whether in data, defence or energy, we have been trusted by some of the world’s largest companies to partner with, and deliver on, business-critical projects. 

No two of our projects are the same – each requires specialist knowledge of industries and their secure, sensitive processes, as well as expertise in technologies and infrastructure specific to that world.

Built Around Service

We make it our business to get to know our clients better than anyone; your challenges, your people, and all the complex details that make your project unique. Because in our world, there are no simple projects – only specialist needs and clever solutions.

We ensure each project is meticulously planned and executed with precision, and all our projects are led by an expert in that sector, who has hands-on knowledge of what needs to happen on the ground.

Built Around People

Our team are everything to our business, and we proudly invest in all the people our success rests on, by employing and partnering with exceptional people and creating the opportunity for them to excel, both on projects we work on and also in their careers.

Building our company around our people and their wellbeing, safety, and work/life balance are the standards against which we must judge ourselves. That’s why we’re constantly working to do things better tomorrow than we do today, as we grow.

If you’re interested in working with us, or finding out more about how Built Around You could support your project or career aspirations, get in touch today, or take a look at some of our projects.