Moving on up | The next construction phase is in full swing at our Union Park site

Date: June 13, 2024

The next construction phase is in full swing at our Union Park site, with the successful installation and erection of four electric tower cranes, with a fifth being installed later this month.

These cranes support our ongoing sustainability and health & safety strategies. Not only do they help reduce our carbon emissions, their electric power supply vastly minimises the amount of site-based refuelling activities, by limiting the need to re-fuel diesel-powered mobile cranes.

The use of tower cranes also bring health & safety benefits by decongesting site logistics, reducing the space required for construction activities and limiting the potential interfaces between people and site machinery.

They are also a key logistical solution for us, acting as Principal Contractor, in providing more efficiency in materials distribution for us and our Alliance Partners.

“As we are now working on multiple phases on-site, space is at a premium,” explains Ian Dovey, HSQE Director.

“The tower cranes help alleviate the potential issue of mobile cranes ‘blocking’ key routes to ensure we maintain clear access routes around the project. The tower cranes help massively with logistics, alongside good planning and scheduling of deliveries for just-in-time installations.”

The giant cranes each take three days to be installed, with a concrete foundation and anchors securing the cranes to the ground, ensuring stability, with full safety testing undertaken too.

At a height of 131 feet (40 metres) each of the operator’s cabs are around 13 floors off the ground… so not for the faint-hearted. And don’t forget your cup of tea!

The maximum jib reach (the horizontal arm) is around 164 feet (50m), and it can lift an impressive 18 metric tons, at a time – which is c.18,000kg, or the weight of around 12 mid-sized cars.

It’s great to see the project progressing, and some fantastic shots of the whole site from the air.