Coming together as a company to talk even more about our mental health

Date: October 8, 2023

This World Mental Health Day, we’re coming together as a company to continue talking even more about our mental health.

On average, two construction workers commit suicide each week in the UK. A troubling statistic. Despite all the steps the industry has taken, per 100,000 workers the statistics show an increase over the last five years. There is still much to do.

We’re challenging ourselves and our teams to open dialogue between colleagues, contractors, partners, and check in to see how they are. It only takes a minute to lift your head from the day job, and ask. And then ask again.

Ian Dovey, our Health, Safety, Quality & Environmental Director, says:
“Mental health is key for us – more than a priority, it is a structural pillar for our business and people. This is not up for debate, it is an absolute.”

We’re proud to be partners of Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity to raise awareness and educate and encourage everyone in our industry to recognise the signs and symptoms of colleagues that may be suffering from stress, anxiety or depression.