Breaking the stigma of hidden addiction

Date: January 27, 2024

Last week, we welcomed Musgrove and Ball to two of our sites to speak with colleagues about the challenges and stigma around addiction.

The fantastic team behind Musgrove and Ball, Sophie Musgrove 🫶 and Patrick Ball 🎤, have had their personal experience with addiction, and bring their knowledge and insight to organisations around the country, helping us start the conversation regarding alcohol and drug addiction.

As part of their Blue Monday Campaign, they visited Union Park in Hayes, Middlesex, and Longcross in Chertsey, Surrey, to share their experience and we will be following this up with training for our supervisors/managers on both projects on 31st January.

A huge thank you to Patrick and Sophie, for sharing their story and for helping us start our journey…

We thoroughly recommend these engaging and thought-provoking sessions on this complex and hidden issue.

It was great to see the engagement and receive such positive feedback from the workforce.

Thanks also to HSQE Director Ian Dovey and Jon Epton for helping to arrange.