Building a Career Around You

Sweet Projects is built around the people our (and your) success rests on. That’s why we only recruit exceptional talent. What do we mean by exceptional? More than skillset, more than experience, more than background.

We hire the right people – shared values, accountability, a strong team ethic, good interpersonal skills. The type of people who are passionate about the work they do, experts in their respective fields, who possess a wide range of talent and insights. People committed to bringing the best out of each other and delivering consistent excellence through every project.

Our team is the cornerstone of our firm, and we take pride in nurturing their talents and fostering their professional growth.


Download our recruitment brochure below to find out more about us as a company, hear from colleagues about what it’s like working at Sweet Projects, and understand our application and interview processes.


Trust and communication

When you partner with us, you’ll get to know us personally. Trust and communication are paramount.

We always build the right team for the right job; your job.

This starts with our own leadership team, all the way through to our design, pre-construction, project management, office and support teams, and expert specialist contractors.

Want to develop your career?

If you’d like to speak to us about developing your career in a people-focused environment, with a team of experts who are passionately committed to delivering exceptional work, we’d like to hear from you.


We want to see more diversity in our industry, and are committed to making change. There are too few women, and those who identify as female, in our working worlds.

Change is rightly coming, and we are proud to be actively involved with both Women into Construction and NAWIC (the National Association of Women in Construction) among other organisations.

Two men in construction taking pride in their work.

Caring for the community

We know how important our communities are, especially on a local level. Our projects can be in-depth and disruptive for different groups of people. That’s why, at Sweet Projects, we take stakeholder and community engagement seriously. Communicating with – listening and speaking to – various groups before, during and after the construction process is critical to a smooth-running project.

We’re dedicated to ensuring that we give back to the communities we work in too, and have close links with a variety of organisations to deliver on our promise to leave communities in a better place than before we arrived on-site.


As part of our commitment to making a real difference in and around construction careers, we are always open to speaking to you if you are interested in working with us now, or in the future.

From our senior leadership team, and throughout the company, we welcome neurodiversity, those from lower-income backgrounds and different routes into our industry.

A variety of diverse opinions and perspectives can only continue to build great connections, careers and projects around you.