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About Us


We’re here to deliver business critical infrastructure for the data, defence and energy sectors.

From large, complex projects that demand industry expertise, vision, and talent, to excellent communication, trusted relationships, and real passion to deliver. Sweet Projects is built around that purpose.

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Always delivering on our promises, by employing exceptional people, and creating the opportunity for them to excel.

Ensuring our clients’ are working with people who know their industry inside out, because when you work with industries that do things like defend international security, power the world, or store humanity’s information, you need to be as specialist as they are.

Our values

We know that the work we do affects people all over the world. So, to us, our core values are more than guiding principles — they are the essential building blocks that allow us to nurture and grow the conditions for consistently exceptional outcomes.

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Create Confidence

Enabling and empowering teamwork.
We challenge and support each other, and our partners, to recognise our combined strengths and be decisive, empowering us to come together as a rock-solid team for a collective outcome.

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Add Value

From the first moment, we take the initiative.
For our people, our partners and our clients, we are agile, nimble and clear on taking full responsibility – creating the right opportunities and possibilities wherever we can, to improve efficiency.

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Go Beyond

Evolving and developing, every day.
We’re on a restless search for new opportunities in design, approach and solutions. We’re not slowed by tradition we’re free to creatively and sustainably push ourselves with new ideas and processes by embracing technology for a better future.
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Be Respectful

Long term relationships with integrity.
Building genuine partnerships, we’re always understanding of our clients’ perspective, yet never afraid to help them evolve. We’re focused on our team’s safety and wellbeing, and are considerate of the wider impact of our projects on the communities and environments we operate in.

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Do Exceptional

We don’t do ordinary; we deliver exceptional.
No two projects of ours are the same – we bring together exceptional, specialist partners to focus on how best to design, build and manage each exceptional site. We recruit and develop people to achieve and exceed their potential.

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Focus on the Mission

We work together focusing on our collective strengths.
We are disciplined in our approach to all of our work, every meeting, each minute; timeliness, punctuality, attentiveness and accountability are the cornerstones of what we build on.

Who we are

We always build the right team for the right job – starting with our own management team. High-calibre personnel with extensive experience across the construction industry, and members of RICS, CIOB, RIBA and NICEIC. This allows us to form strong partnerships that are collaborative, hardworking and committed to delivering high quality, on-time and that meet our shared financial commitments.

– ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & Cyber Essentials Plus Accredited.

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We’ve undergone significant work internally and with external experts to ensure that these principles can come together for us, our colleagues, our suppliers and our clients.

From the boardroom to the tearoom, it becomes our decision-making guide, our stakeholder engagement process, our sales tool, our cultural statement, our recruitment guide and our leadership charter, all in one.

For everyone at Sweet Projects, these principles converge to be simply this:

We create the built environment that enables our client partners to thrive.

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We are passionate about ensuring safe working environments and protecting the personal health and wellbeing of our employees, partners and supply chain. Health and safety is always at the forefront of our operations. We have a belief that every person who works for us goes home unharmed each day.

We have successfully achieved UKAS accreditation ISO 45001.


We actively strive to support and uplift our people, our partners, and the communities we work in, by building our company culture around positive mental health and wellbeing. We endeavour to make a positive impact on both local and global communities, fostering an inclusive world where individuals can thrive, and reach their fullest potential.