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Our People


Built around you

We make it our business to know our clients better than anyone; their challenges, their people, and all the complex details that make their project unique. Constructing turnkey solutions with excellent service and consistent results. That’s why we’re the single-source solution for multi-million-pound projects throughout the UK & Europe.


Going beyond the build

When we step onto your site, we look beyond the blueprint. We shake hands with your stakeholders and have the conversations that matter. It’s the kind of proactive problem solving that sets a smooth process in motion. Keeping our operations agile, your business moving, and everyone’s expectations exceeded. Now that’s bigger-picture thinking.

Data Centers

We construct buildings that centralise storing, processing, and dissemination of data and applications by organisations.


We have a proven record of delivering infrastructure and environmental solutions for our long-standing defence and security clients.

Advanced Technology

We collaborate with clients on advanced buildings to enhance their development in science and technology.


We provide design, feasibility and construction services to the utilities and infrastructure sector, with particular expertise and focus on renewables and the journey towards net zero carbon.


The people we work with

We’ve built for more than 40 years; we’ve never built the same thing twice. Because just like our clients, we break the mould and shake the skyline. It’s the kind of heavy-lifting innovation that sends probes to Jupiter, defends the nation’s security, and stores the world’s information. Or builds the facilities where it all takes place.

ISO accredited for construction you can count on.

Our clients

Innovators in their industries